Added example sentences!
Hello everyone! Sorry for being so quiet lately, I had to take it a bit slower due to mental health and physical health concerns. Much better now, so I got back to work and fixed some of the STILL remaining errors, namely not being able to view some of the most important pages of the site. Website development and upkeep is really difficult all by myself, but I hope that I can keep improving myself and the site. Thank you for your patience. That being said, I spent this past week gathering sentence data and processing it in ways that allow it to be added to JLPT words and other words. You can now view almost 40k example sentences for more than 22k words. These sentences originate from I have added the acknowledgement if you want to know more! You can view example sentences for words that have them during word study or word review, and in the dictionary view for the word. I let the program add a maximum of 5 sentences per word, so to not get overwhelming. I did not check all the sentences myself, as there were 226k of them. If you find something weird or inappropriate, please let me know, I will fix it myself. From the ones I have seen though, they were good. I hope that this helps you get a grasp of how a word can be used. The next content to be added will be grammar courses for the JLPT levels. This will require some more work on my side. I'll update here when I make progress on it. Have a nice day! Michael

The help pages & new themes
Hello everyone! After being busy and then sick for a while, I finally finished help integration. Now, whenever you see a '?' at the top, press it and help for that page will pop up. I will be adding and rewriting some of it over time, I suppose. I will also add a general 'How-To' page, to guide users from selecting their study course, to finishing their first study and review sessions and seeing their statistics. You can also choose between five new themes now. And I think that's probably all the themes I'm gonna make for the time being. I added two colorblind themes, that may help with selecting a rating for your reviews. If you wanna see what else I fixed, as we had some glaring errors yet, check out the change log. Once I tweak the help files a bit, I will focus my efforts on adding example sentences and grammar. If you have anything to add until then, let me know! Thank you! Michael

Resuming work on the site!
Hello everyone! Thank you for using YYK. If you have seen my communication recently, I unfortunately had my second round of COVID-19, starting from Friday. I spent 5 days resting at home, but am now back at my job and also working on the site. I had some things planned for last week, that got pushed into this week, but got again delayed due to the sudden illness. I will do my best to finish the remaining help pages before the weekend, so the new update can go live before then! Everyone, please be safe out there. COVID is not over yet and you can still get infected very easily. Have a good day! Michael

Todays fixes
- Fixed unresponsive buttons on vocabulary items without any example sentences in dictionary view - Added sentence authors to all sentences in dictionary view for vocabulary items to comply with license requirements that were previously overlooked

The sentence update & Error fixes
- fixed error that would prevent the jouyou course page from being loaded - fixed error that would prevent the kanken course page from being loaded - added example sentences to word study, word review, and dictionary

Todays fixes
- Fixed oversight in help function that would throw a 500 error when trying to access an invalid help page - Fixed error that would appear when users entered the wrong password upon login

The help update & Error fixes
- Fixed error that would reject messages with single quotes in contact requests - Fixed error where meanings of words would not be hidden as intended in word review - Fixed error where data for the first radical would not be hidden on radical review - Erased double entry さ来週, さ来月 and さ来年 for 再来週、再来月、再来年 in the Jouyou course. - Improved handling of user information in the session - Added 5 new themes. Sushi, Ikebana, Colorblind Wong, Colorblind Tol, Cherish the shun. - Added help pages that display content depending on the page

Emergency fix
- Fixed JLPT content appearing without level in the review section of the index page